Farmer be your guide—rise your life in rice farm




Farmer be your guide—rise your life in rice farm





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Our goal is to provide a solution for a sound environment,creating a harmonious relationship between the city and countryside.


1)Learning farm work (planting & growing radish)
2)Learning how to make Taiwanese traditional rice cuisine (radish cakes, glutinous rice balls, rice pudding, rice roll, and rice miso)
3)Four meals in total during two days
4)Chinese&English speaking guide

Date/time: 12:40 pm, Sat. Nov. 2,2019 -4:00pm, Sun. Nov. 3,2019
Location:Shoufeng,Hualian County
Meeting point : Shoufeng Train Station
Including :Farming+rice cuisine DIY+4 Meals of two days Notice :Please arrange your own transportation to Shoufeng Train Station. Also, please arrive on time.
Deadline of Payment: 2019/10/18
(if you have questions of payment,
please contact us: /Vita King)


Shoufeng is a town in Hualian County where even the rain up lifts spirits, and also where our two “rice magicians”, Qinghao and Huiyun live. They follow a Natural Farming philosophy, called Shumei Farming, to grow various kinds of rice. They transform rice into “Mitaimu”(rice stick noodle), Mifen(rice noodles), radish cakes, taro&rice cake, glutinous rice cake, glutinous rice balls, rice pudding,and maltose, etc. No more starch or flour, have a taste of purely rice-made delicacy, and find that original tender and texture of rice. Join us and give your taste buds a treat! We will be working on the farm, in the valley between the Central Mountains. We work, we cook, and focus on what we do, and then let our mind relax. Let us retreat to the essence of life, learn to appreciate rice, which Taiwanese culture and community prospered on. We will live with mother Nature, and be at the moment. You would wonder -Does rice have flower? What does radish look like in the fields? How many rice dishes could be made with various kinds of Taiwanese rice?

You will find all the answers here, lying in this wonderland of Taiwan.

Trip Highlights
[Sat. Nov.2,2019]
At 12:40 at noon, we meet at Shoufeng Train Station in Hualian. We start the day with traditional glutinous rice cake as lunch, prepared in a big steaming pot. Lunch end with rice pudding-made by ourselves! The climax starts with going through the country roads with Qinghao and Huiyun, and enter the radish field for some farm work! If a life in the countryside is what your heart longs for, feel free to have a taste of it.

In the evening the farmers will teach us how to use a gas stove to cook rice. We will also learn how to make sweet rice dumplings. It will be a chance to have our own “Top Chef” competition, with fresh ingredients from the farm. We might be prized with exceptional beautiful crescent moon and all the stars, shining in between the valleys.

[Sun. Nov.3,2019]
The next day we meet at 8am at Qinghao and Huiyun’s home. This is kinda late for a farmer’s routine already! Let’s roll up our sleeves and pants to get some radish planted!

After farming work, we will learn how to make radish cake and rice roll. you will get all the home-made skill from farmers! And these would be your delicious lunch.

After Lunch, we will make miso and umami enhancer together.Think about this:you could tell your friends and family that you are now a gourmet of Rice pudding,radish cake,Rice Roll,miso,Umami enhancer, and sweet rice dumplings! How awesome is that? (If they don’t know what you are talking about, show them! )

With our hand-made trophies, we say goodbye around 4 pm to go home.


1.Accommodation suggestion:
Artist Lily's "酪梨Sue" or "心光山月" ,These two places can take you to our farm. And we also suggest you order the room much earlier ^^

2. What to wear?
Wear non-slippery shoes/ rain boots that allow you to work in the fields. Please bring your own rainy day outfits if rain is in forecast.

3. Meal options:
Please let us know in advanced if you have vegetarian preference or allergies.

4.Transportation :
Since the participants will come from different cities/ countries, please arrange your own transportation to Shoufeng Train Station. We will be glad to give travel advice if needed. the transfers during the tour will be arranged by BDFF.

5. Insurance
Travel insurance will be covered for all travellers. Participants who transfer their registration to another person should be responsible for added insurance fee.

6. Refund Policy
Participants will be notified if the tour is forced to cancel if the group is less than 12 persons, or due to any unpredictable cause. If any participant cancels registration, the participant will be charged a fee depending on how far from the departure date the cancellation takes place.

14 or more days prior to departure – full refund,
10-13 days prior to departure – 70% of total purchase amount
7-9 days prior to departure – 50% of total purchase amount
4-6 days prior to departure – 40% of total purchase amount
2-3 days prior to departure – 30% of total purchase amount
1 days prior to departure – 20% of total purchase amount
No shows are responsible for 100% of total purchase amount
7.Tour will be adjusted according to the weather by your guides.

8.BUO: Bring your own water bottle/cutlery and go green.